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XBR65A1E Sony Bravia XBR-65A1E 65″ 2160p UHD OLED Internet TV

Sony XBR65A1E Review

Sony XBR65A1E delivers superb OLED Television video quality which is far more superior to 4K LED Televisions because of its anti-reflective smooth screen finish. This Sony TV stands out from its competitors because of its amazing processing chip set and astonishing design even though the OLED panel is produced by LG.

Strengths to be considered

Sony XBR65A1E stands out because of these reasons:

  1. Amazing Contrast and Uniformness, Black Levels
  2. Delivers Superb Quality of Sound
  3. Motion content is processes magnificently
  4. Fast motion playback is also superb
  5. Produces Accurate colors rendering is Realistic
  6. The View from side angles is also top notch
  7. Delivers Brilliant HDR performance
  8. Breathtaking Design coupled with awesome build quality
  9. Amazing HDR Brightness and Dark Shadow Detail
  10. Supports voice search along with Android Smart TV

Negative points to be considered

There are also things that may lead you to deciding against this TV:

  1. There is a lag in gaming input
  2. The price is too high for this

Picture Quality Evaluation

If someone asks you about which picture quality is better, OLED technology or LED/LCD TV, they you can tell him it is definitely OLED technology because of the difference in contrast.

Twisting crystals are not present in the OLED Televisions compared with LCD and LED TVs which do contain these crystals. The OLED technology uses organic carbon based compounds which emits red, green and blue lights after receiving electric signals while the above mentioned crystals produce color information by the way light goes through them and change into incredible speeds. This technology is different from LCD Televisions having twisting crystals because it resembles more with plasma TV phosphorus.

The picture quality in LCD TVs is affected because the backlight is utilized to illuminate the pictures and because of that it is not flexible in producing scenes which are really dark or black. Furthermore, in LCD TVs there is always a flowthrough process from the backlight and the manufacturers always try to fill this gap by attaining deep black levels via many ways but they cannot achieve the performance as OLED TVs deliver. In order to show the almost perfect black colors the OLED TVs completely cut off the individual pixel’s power supply. The contrast ratio even in small portions of the screen is very large because of new 4K OLED TVs having above 8 million pixels. The colors look more vivid and realistic if they are proper calibration is done in these OLED TVs. The OLED TVs excels in delivering high contrast, black and other colors presentation while the LCD TVs having LED Backlit technology are superior in brightness, achieving peak whites and amazing video processing capabilities. We rate overall picture quality 98 out of hundred.

Which is better, Sony XBR65A1E or LED 4K?

The OLED TV’s strengths and positive points are easily noticeable in Sony XBR65A1E. The reason is its awesome contrast, color production as well as black uniformity. The only down side to this OLED TV is that the peak whites are not as high as in LED 4K TVs and that’s why they do not perform good in a room full of lights.


The Views from Side Angle


Side Angle viewing in LED backlit TVs is not good, but in OLED TVs this problem is completely solved as side angle views are really amazing in these TVs. That is because of the saturation level of images stays same on the screen even if you are looking from a side. This is the reason why OLED TVs are preferable in big rooms because everyone can look at TV and enjoy watching it without sitting in front of it.

Picture setting in Sony XBR65A1E



You will experience amazing white balance in Sony XBR65A1E as you take a first look at it after opening the box. The preferable settings to have best experience while watching videos is Theater Pro, and it is also better than manual calibration of the TV. You will get automatic detection of HDR content in Theater Pro as well and this mode is also perfect for viewing HDR content.

The Features in Sony XBR65A1E


  • Design and Appearance of Sony XBR65A1E


Unlike curved screen display from Samsung, the Sony XBR65A1E goes on with its tangent based monolithic design. The stand cannot be viewed so it looks really good except when they placed on high table. The little bit tilt in the screen looks really cool when placed on a low stand and looks bad when placed on high or medium sized table. Furthermore, the table has to be the size of the Sony XBR65A1E in order to look good. All in all, you need to buy a table which has low height, if you want your Sony XBR65A1E to look cool when it is placed on that table. The stand holds all the components, and it can also be removed if you want to place the TV on wall and it does really good in keeping wires out of sight.


  • Amazing Sound Quality and Remote Control


The remote is comes with jet black matte finish and a touch pad which is very responsive and increases your speed of scrolling in Sony XBR65A1E’s Smart TV Apps and other searches made by typing in the TV. The voice control is also superb and performs as one would have ever wished to perform it.

The AcousticSurface technology of Sony makes use of vibrations from the TV screen itself to direct the sound toward the person who is watching it. It is quite impressing because the sound comes from middle of the screen and provides superb sound quality which is clear and loud.

  • Overall Evaluation of Sony XBR65A1E

It is an amazing OLED TV with awesome features but it also comes after paying quite good amount of money too. Overall rating for this TV is 93 out of 100. You can expect to experience breathtaking 4K Ultra HD picture quality, X-Tended Dynamic Range enhancing the HDR and non-HDR contents, accurate production of colors by Triluminous Display and AcousticSurface speakers placed in middle of the screen. It also has Wi-Fi support for using apps and other Smart TV features, screen mirroring via MHL 3.0 and HDMI Inputs with 4 ports and USB 3.


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