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Sony Bravia KD-55XE9305 (XE93): Review

Sony Bravia XE93 KD-55XE9305

Imagine getting a $5600 TV for a $3400 similar one? Thanks to Sony’s this year’s first launch, the Sony Bravia KD-55XE9305 (XE93), this unrealistic price difference has turned to reality. With its X1 Extreme processing engine along with Triple-play HDR support and first-rate upscaling, it is one of the most affordable televisions you could get your hands on this year. This 55-inch flatscreen LED TV comes with a simple yet elegant design and the rear multiple covering plates are hefty enough to conceal all your background cables, along with a compact and sturdy stand to complement its sleek look. Although the built-in speakers give more than average sound, you might want to consider buying some external ones just to give yourself that extra, completely immersive Sony image-audio experience.

The previous year’s sensational Slim Backlight Drive technology has been further enhanced and upgraded to form the Slim Backlight Drive + technology which makes up the new XE93, causing it to give outputs with outstanding visual graphics and reaching new levels of brightness and luminance unlike many other televisions. What adds to the image quality is it’s accurate tone-mapping algorithm. Furthermore, the upscaling of the Sony XE93 is equivalent to that of the Sony ZD9 which is no lesser than a good $5600 and runs on the same X1 Extreme Chipset with pretty much the same additional features too.

Although the new replaced LEDs on the top and bottom (previously on the sides) are the reason why the Sony Bravia XE93 is so good on those brightness levels and sharp images, at a noticeable level, it minimises the black top-and-bottom letterbox bars to more of a grey when watching cinemascope movies and displaying a bright object against dark backgrounds, which can be a nuisance if you’re not facing it directly from the centre, making this the only prominent drawback in the new Bravia XE93 LED LCD series. Upon looking closely some floaty on-screen illusions were noted too which are very easily ignorable and would not really take much from your viewing experience as they would require keen technical display inspection. For all the gaming-heads out there, the XE93 gave some remarkable benchmark results required to give you the exact 4K Gaming experience you would want with great motion smoothness, without any frame skipping or stuttering with the addition of a surprisingly low input lag while playing Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One S 4K resolution games or watching Blu-Ray movies and off-air broadcasts.

All in all, the Sony Bravia XE93 with all its high-tech, high-end television features and all its applaudable impactful and ultra-realistic imagery in almost all kinds of HDR and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) HDR contents is the most potential television out there currently, which can ideally save you up on a lot of money and provide you with that alluring tv experience that everybody wishes to get, from their new purchase and especially if you already had your eyes on that $5600 ZD9 but your pocket could not allow getting one!


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