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Samsung HW-MS550 All in One Smart Soundbar

Samsung HW-MS550

Samsung increased present expectations with the HW-MS550 sound bar. Its contortion crossing out innovation and great sound quality made it our most loved single soundbar for under the price of $770. From that point forward, things have far superior for sound bar purchasers: it has dropped in cost and a less expensive kin has shown up, the Samsung HW-MS550. This is the least expensive sound bar Samsung makes an across the board outline and it offers a similar innovation found in its pricier sibling.

you can make the sound considerably more noteworthy by making your own particular 4.1 wireless encompass sound framework – associate the sound bar to more Samsung Savvy Speakers (sold independently) with a link association from the sound bar to your television.

A wireless television association gives a straightforward method for sound bar to connect to your wireless good Samsung television. In the event that you have a Deezer or Spotify account, you’ll have the capacity to stream melodies from it through the bar. Simply associate your tablet or telephone utilizing by a flash and Bluetooth which have the capacity to tune in to your compact music gathering.

What you have to know

The MS550 is a capable two-channel, six-speaker across the board sound bar. Its sound mark is gone for the individuals who are searching for the sake of entertainment as opposed to refinement, so there’s a lot of bass and it has a shockingly wide soundstage, perfect for film playback and gaming. It has an indistinguishable smooth plan from its more seasoned kin, the Samsung HW-MS550, and the network is second to none, with simple 3.5mm, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optical sources of info all on the menu.

Cost and rivalry

The HW-MS550 can be found for around $530 on Amazon. The issue for the MS550 is that, at the season of composing, the fantastically amazing Samsung HW-MS650 was on offer at a similar cost. To toss a spanner in progress, you’ll discover the Q Acoustics M4 for $460, the Q Acoustics M3 for around $400 and the splendid Cambridge Sound TV2 for $280 as brilliant non-Samsung choices.

Configuration, highlights, and network

In case you’re expecting down the market plan at this cost, however, you will be frustrated. The MS550 has the same, wash brushed aluminum outline as the MS650; here, Samsung hasn’t held back out on quality. It is somewhat littler than the MS650, estimating just 890mm over, yet holds the same 131mm profundity and, at 71mm, it’s generally an indistinguishable range from well.

On the off chance that you happen to lose it, be that as it may, Samsung has advantageously coordinated four physical catches on the right-hand side of the sound bar: volume up/down, information and power. A forward-looking Drove show is situated under the speaker barbecue on the far-right half of the front grille, which shows key data like the volume level, current source or information.

Given the present advancement Samsung is running, you could snatch either at $280 off. At that cost they’re both a deal, however, accept my recommendation and pick the Samsung HW-MS650 rather; it sounds so much better.


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