Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date Is All Here for You!

Samsung Galaxy S9

Have you been waiting around for the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S9? If yes, then you do not need to wait around anymore because Samsung has all arrived with the final releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has unveiled in one of the recent press releases that they will be showing out the most awaited launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the place of Barcelona by next month. How exciting?

President by the side of technology company’s mobile, DJ Koh has highlighted in one of the interviews that launch of the next view of the flagship will be held at the place of Mobile World Congress. Although the Samsung has just until now unveil the month as they have not yet bring about the exact time or date of the launch.

MWC 2018 has opened up its doorways as since February 26 but it has been expected around that they will be showing world one day before! This mobile was declared to be announced in 2017, but due to the battery issues of S9, its launch was stopped.  If we predict around, then Samsung will launch with the handset S9 on February 2018. Its official invitation will be announced by the Samsung later on along with the additional information on top of the time as well as date and launching event location.

It has been extra rumored out that this time S9 will be upgraded with the amazing additional features as compare to the previous launched S9 Galaxy.

  • In such features, we will be bringing about the highlight of fast processor plus the long battery life and much more improved features.
  • It has been accompanied with the stylish sleek designing work with the fingerprint scanner feature to bring security over the mobile.
  • Its dual front camera is another one of the amazing features of this mobile handset.
  • But there is one rumor about the features that is disappointing so many of the fans! It is about the mobile camera feature where their will be just one larger S9+ double camera rear effect.

Just like Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, has been added with one such kind of features. It is being rumored out that S9 will often add upon with the headphone port all along with the extraordinary dual-curved OLED display.

We are sure that after reading out the features of Samsung Galaxy S9, you would be much excited enough to be the first to get this handset in your hands. So stop wasting time and get ready to grab it!


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