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Review LG OLED C7 OLED55C7 4K HDR Smart TV


Televisions are a medium which improves the world, triggers ones imagination and put us into curiosity. So the right choice of television is very necessary. After stacking many televisions side by side in the past three months I finally reached the conclusion that the LG C7 OLED TV is the best available option for the year 2017. I will let you know why this TV took our attention over other competitors in the market. The features of this model of 2017 is much better than 2016.

We have unloaded 10 LG OLED TVs in a time frame of few years and the response is great. Even when we know the screen is going to be thin enough, but still the wonders of engineering made the LG OLED TV possible. The design of this TV is simple and classic. The features of this TV are that it is narrow enough so it can be fitted easily on any TV stand.

The entire installation is quite easy. Just attach the back of the television and secure it with the help of four Philips-head screws. The entire setup is easy to continue which is designed by the interface. Plug the TV into a wall outlet and hit the power button which is there on the magic motion remote. Once you are connected with the internet through Wi-Fi you can smartly connect devices to your television wirelessly. If you are connected with any satellite receiver or cable service provider the WebOS will scan the suitable programming guide and will install the remote for easy access of live web TV.

You can easily connect various devices to your TV may it be your personal computer, different games, smart phones and laptops. We will always tell you to completely shut down your TV and bring it to the energy saving mode. But if you won’t do this, you will later notice the picture will not get very bright. Picture performance of this TV has the best resolutions, the best picture quality and outstanding contrast. In this model we have focused on the output of the TV, the brightness is increased by 20% so that it can be easily be visible with our naked eye in day light. We have also enhanced the lowest part of black range in this model for better shadow projection details. The anti-reflection screen coating is made in a way that when the LED is powered off the entire look of the LED is complete dark. The circuit system in this LED is kept in a way that the input lag is reduced to 21ms. When all these features mentioned above are combined together and when they are compared with the previous model they make this one an outstanding achievement and you will not give that sort of picture quality with any other LED.

Although the size of the LED is so thin still there are no such audio issues, and the sound is clear enough. This is the best package available in market and offers one year warranty which covers all the parts and labor.


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