OnePlus 6 Release Date, News, Price and Leaks

OnePlus 6

The rumors of new OnePlus 6 have surrounded the mobile markets and tech gurus are speculating about its specifications, price and release date. There is a valid reason for this level of interest, as this model is the successor of the successful OnePlus 5T.  

To put it short, this model promises all that a customer demands, i.e. big display, fast speed, long battery life, high-quality display configuration and great camera experience.

The mobile is expected to release at a time when competition in the mobile market is at peak and all companies are trying their best to provide a good quality mobile phone at affordable price. The situation is not very much in OnePlus’ favour, but they can turn the tables as this brand has been providing high-quality phones at low cost.

OnePlus 6 will replace OnePlus 5T, which is not available this day is the USA. OnePlus 5T was among top mobile phones on account its large display (as in other mobile brands) and great camera resolution. But, the new model OnePlus 6 is expected to outclass its predecessors and other contemporary cell phones due to its better performance.

The most rumored changes are a larger screen with a notch at the top similar to tech giant Apple’s iPhone X.


  • It is important to mention that various features match Oppo R15 as both giants are linked.


We have got a great of information from trusted sources about the new phone. You can read everything about the new OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 Expected Release Date

OnePlus 6 launch date: April or May

OnePlus 6 Release date: May or June

The expected release date is based on the fact that OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5T were released in June of their respective years. So, it can be expected that new flagship device OnePlus 6 can be available by June 2018. But, rumors suggest that the new mobile can be released around April or May.

A source talking to GizoChina claimed that the new model is expected to hit markets in April. On the other hand, it was earlier speculated that tech geeks can enjoy new OnePlus 6 in March, but to no effect.

April can be declared a date for the release as OnePlus 5T is not available in US and company needs a new device, OnePlus 6, to compete in that market. However, the situation is not same in other regions such as the UK and Europe.

OnePlus 6 Expected Price

  • As per leaks: Between $ 625 and $ 725
  • As this model is better than OnePlus 5T, so likely to be more expensive than the latter.

How can we better answer price of the cell phone, we don’t know much about, but many things clearly indicate that it is going to be more expensive than previous models. It is also expected that this OnePlus 6 will be most expensive phone ever manufactured by tech giant OnePlus.

The latest rumours indicate towards a price tag between $ 605 (about £430, AU$790) to $749 (around £530, AU$970), and could go as high as £700 in reality when prices for the UK are announced.

A little increase in price will not matter as per rumoured specifications (According to OnePlus there will be a 256 GB variant of the handset). But, if price elevates much higher then affordability can be an issue for OnePlus fans.

OnePlus 6 Front View

OnePlus 6: Expected display and design

  • Screen notch similar to iPhone X and headphone jack: confirmed.
  • The fingerprint scanner and glass rear with dual cameras
  • 6.28” screen

Officially, it is confirmed that new OnePlus 6 has iPhone X-style notch on its display, but it is smaller than that on Apple’s latest smartphone.

It is official that screen-to-body ratio will be 90% as OnePlus has officially stated that new OnePlus 6 will feature the largest screen it ever introduced in a smartphone.  

The readers can give an ear to these rumours of largest display ever, as OnePlus 5T is available with 6.01” display.

Headphone Jack: Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, confirmed that the company will retain headphone jack.

Wireless headphone: According to a Bluetooth data leak, that virtually confirms OnePlus Bullet Wireless headphones, which means entrance of OnePlus into wireless headphone technology.

Hide the screen notch: OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed release of an update after OnePlus 6 release, that will enable users to hide screen notch.

Backside: A leaked snap from Evan Blass shows that new OnePlus 6 features a textured back and a realigned camera module.

OnePlus 6 Design

First potential look

  • Glass rear
  • Vertically slacked dual camera
  • Fingerprint scanner below the camera
  • Looking similar to previous handsets: “TechTastic” courtesy

OnePlus 6 Camera

OnePlus 6 expected camera and battery

  • A 16 MP and 20 MP dual-lens rear camera
  • A 20 MP front camera
  • Battery: 3,450mAh. A slight increase from 3,300mAh OnePlus 5T battery.

OnePlus 6 Camera features

  • Rear camera: A dual-lens f/1.7 camera with 20MP and 16MP sensors-similar to the OnePlus 5T.


  • Front camera: 20MP f/2.0, up from 16MP on the OnePlus 5T.
  • Alert slider: Another teaser by OnePlus features focusing the camera through the alert slider.


Wireless charging?


OnePlus 6 Rare View

OnePlus 6 power and storage

It is confirmed by the CEO that new OnePlus 6 features Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage.

But, a new leak point to a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, along with Android 8.1. It can be evaluated that there will be two variants of new OnePlus 6.

 “the speed you need,” says OnePlus, by teasing power capabilities of new OnePlus6 with Twitter post video.


A fingerprint scanner built on screen: There have been rumours that OnePlus will introduce this technology in OnePlus 6. But, it is not possible to rely on it because it is a feature yet to be introduced by a mainstream handset.

Rear fingerprint scanner: If we rely on leak photos, it can be said that OnePlus 6 has a rear circular fingerprint scanner, smaller than previous OnePlus 5T.

Advanced facial recognition System: We have also heard that OnePlus 6 may have more advanced facial recognition system than OnePlus 5T. It is also possible that this version of facial recognition can compete with iPhone X’s recognition technology.

Gesture Controls: OnePlus has officially teased gestures control through its official twitter channel.

Screen lock features: The teaser mentioned above could mean some additional gestures being added in OnePlus 6 other than torch, camera as in OnePlus 5T.


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