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LG OLED Models’ Reviews (LG OLEDB7P and LG OLEDC7P)


In the recent year 2017 unlike many different TV manufacturer brands, looking at variety of LG’s TV models can be somehow confusing for many of you. And looking at those long random alpha-numeric model names can easily make you feel baffled. But in 2017 LG appeared to be strongly committed to OLED models by introducing one after another outclass and signature model at a variety of range, and expanded this range more conveniently to 5 OLED models, each of which in two different sizes. The fight against top-level LED TVs continues, with Samsung particularly turning up the heat with its new QLED models. Though its competitors like Samsung, Sony, Philips and Panasonic all have started manufacturing OLED TVs with their respective prices, but honestly speaking it won’t be wrong to say that it’s LG who is stealing the show here with their OLEDs and still leading the way by satisfying it’s all types of valuable customer specially those interested in these premium OLEDs across the world.

So in order to help you figure you more about these models we are here with some reviews of most of the different latest LG OLED models with more specifications. So talking about the availability of some of its models, like B7A is easily available at best online retailers like Amazon and E-Bay and on other hand the B7P can be purchased from Costco/wholesale club. Another interesting thing which is need to be noticed from these confusing model numbers is that if the first letter of model number is higher, then higher will be its cost with some high end features. While B7 model does not have those two additions, a Dolby Atmos sound quality and a subwoofer built in that are included in the C7 model though. So you can say the only difference between both models is an upgraded high end sound package. Moreover models like C7P and B7P both have a beautiful “blade-slim” design of 1.8” deep. But when comparing B7 & C7 with E7 and G7 then later both models have upgraded 4.2 audio channels compared to B7 and C7 having that in 2.2. Another upgraded feature in E7 and G7 is both have Picture-on-Glass design that adds some more depth in the screen and in picture quality also from 2.4 to 2.7. Except this feature both these E7 and G7 models are very similar in almost all other aspects and also in price as well. Thus It won’t be wrong to say only other manufacturer models that can compete with these high tech new LG OLED TVs are those Samsung and Sony’s best 4k top of line models. And the black levels are so perfect that color information looks like it is just popping of the screen. This is reason these new LG’s 4K line of OLED TVs won Best of CES 2017 award for the second time as well with best some best picture in the market.

However talking about the advancements in some models over the last years are that the C6 model has been added with better brightness levels that will eventually help it in cutting down more on glare. And with more compatibility improvements are being applied like the Dolby Atmos sound system is a new addition.


Here are some of the key strengths of LG OLEDs that you not see on other LCDs/ LEDs

  • The colors are super rich and excellent with the addition of HDR content.
  • It pitches black levels so perfect with unlimited contrast, sometimes you won’t just believe it.
  • These OLEDs have also one of the perfect side view angling quality.
  • It does includes now the magic Web OS3.5 remote controlling Smart TV operation. And inclusion of this web OS3.5 makes even better Smart TV operation.
  • It has some whooping audio output of 40W from its best known speakers.
  • Bright Room performance surprisingly good


Well you know what ever advancements in the technology come but there is always room for errors and improvements. So these OLED models are not new to this fact. Below are some of the weaknesses

  • The artifacts of picture are so visible may be it is due to its processing or OLED feature screen.
  • Due to Blue Ray, DVD programming there is certain Video noise during the dark scenes
  • When you see darker images there is a slight glare on screen
  • And during the gamers or with some static images then there is also possibility of image retention


  • Considering its neutral aspect there is Gaming Input Lag though in few of its models

Picture Quality Rating is 98/100

Before we talk about picture quality let’s just try to answer this question. Why is OLED technology better than LED/LCD TV in Picture Quality?

Since you are aware of this fact that now plasma is dead and LCD/LED is so far the most dominant TV display technology available. However in modern days if you are thinking of its potential competitor then OLED is the only one, especially can be seen on few high-end TVs made by LG. this is the fact why some technical experts consider that OLED is the future. First of all OLED’s pixels are known to produce their own light and these pixels are called emissive and TVs containing OLED pixels do not have that “twisting” crystals often found in all LCD/LED TVs which is known as transmissive technology. In more simple way as OLEDs are specially made with those organic compounds that when fed with electricity automatically light up, and to many of us this may not seems to be a major or significant difference on comparing with it to LEDs, but the main thing is OLEDs are designed and made as an extremely thin, flexible, or say it extremely small and this the reason these OLEDS being so small can use their individual pixels, millions in quantity to occupy your whole TV screen, lighting on and off totally at their own say it like independently. For that reason when this pixel is shut off, means it is completely. This actually works more or less like those plasma TV phosphors are supposed to work unlike twisting crystals in LED TVs. Apart from it no other additional light mediums are required to energize the organic colors compared to that of electric charges.

Moving towards the picture quality now. Since because of that backlight used to visualize images on LCD TV models, these LCDs are less flexible or we say don’t have the capacity to produce dark or black scenes. However when we talk about brightness, then no doubt LED TVs have a fair advantage. That’s why LEDs are better working at extreme brightness. Though OLED TVs also has that ability for getting that brightness level too because of perfect dark blacks, and addition of color contrast with HDR is not an issue at all. In a precise way it won’t be wrong to say in a dark room environment, an OLED TV is definitely going to outclass and perform best compared to LCD/LEDs, however on the other hand LED TVs will outshine them, when we judge them on brightness levels.

Black Levels and Color

When you talk about OLED TVs then they have always been about Black. Due to this feature now instead of relying on traditional lighting source that is behind or on sides, each pixel in OLEDs has that capacity to make its own light. This means there is no shadow effect of black area into a non-black. One of LG’s target in 2017 was to make improvements on the performance of the picture also regardless of that black level, hence viewing or comparing any of model either C7 or B7 with a 4K LED TV, the only thing you can notice in first glance is the black levels of the OLED TV that are so immense and infinite. Indeed LED TVs appear to possess brighter picture due to its backlights, but OLED’s black depths are beyond comparison with any other model.

Side Angle Viewing/Picture on Glass Feature

Another main area of concern for many of us and we always highlight and focus on that is off center/ side angle viewing color contrast saturation. With OLED and viewing at the C7 model it’s as perfect as it shows with good plasma TVs, because each of its pixel is brightened itself by an electrode so there is no need of any backlight. On the C7, in fact on C7 LG made it to a one step ahead when they applied these pixels right straight on the back on the glass panel’s back so there nothing but directly with even less layers between you and its original color. Thus when looking at those stunning color contrast of HDR feature, the variation /shadow show itself what it is all about. Therefore here from all different aspects we simply can conclude without going into more details that side angle viewing is so perfect regardless of fact at which angle you are watching. And since is a matter of fact that OLED TVs don’t have the problem of side angle viewing, so it doesn’t make any impact whether it is flat or curved.

HDR Looks Great on the LG OLED

Since there is no doubt HDR aspect of TVs is something that is always considered as the “Direct Intended” technology. That’s why in the year 2017 the bigger focus of TV manufacturers has remained to add HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature to all models. Therefore the pursuit of this HDR feature has lead the way in improving color contrasts, with increased brightness along with deeper shadows, and this is what we say the ‘wow’ kind  of feature of modern day TV technology. Despite that LG is also working in more different ways to enhance the performance of specifically some of those HDR standards that aren’t suited well and thus introduced an Active HDR on all latest LG’s 2017 OLED TVs. It is the HDR that extends the range of a pixel whether it is in an LCD or OLED TV. This feature simply related to the brightness and somewhat luminosity of images because color contrast is also improved by increase in brightness other than thinking of deeper blacks. Unlike other TVs that just only increase the brightness of the overall picture not the pixels though, so the main aim of this HDR is to increase contrast almost in each of the image areas of the picture. And this HDR feature gives this immense capability of improving the appearance of brighter picture parts and this in turn helps to create it more contrast with darker parts of the picture at the surroundings. Since it must be kept in mind that one of the key features in improving pixel depth is the picture contrast, HDR is considered a major picture quality improvement even though it may not increase the overall contrast of the panel a lot. This feature adds extra beauty to LG’s OLED TVs just because of their limitless contrast. All HDR content looks superb on the TV. Bright colors receive enhanced purity. Hence we simply can say that an image with good HDR can definitely make the shadow details better, which most of us are only able to notice when there are those light illuminating images, or especially due to sunlight effects coming through windows of the room.

Video Processing/Up Conversion to 4K Clarity and Definition

For many people the only drawbacks to picture quality are conversion and video processing. However the availability of motion artifacts only depends on strength and signal source during streaming. This is simply considered to be one of the clear advantage to modern day LED/LCDs in our considerations, but definitely the best ones do perform better than OLED TVs. but we are also not sure whether the strength of LG’s is still video processing or not. In fact it is necessary to keep in mind that OLED TV technology can’t process images more similar to that as plasma TVs. As you are well aware, that 4K UHD resolution is not of any use if you are enjoying more high resolutions. So if you, up-scale that to 1080p, or 720p then more low resolutions in fact will push you in purchasing a 4K UHD TV.

Quick Picture Settings

In Normal Mode

In this mode make picture Mode to Expert Dark Room and LED Light at 45 (though you can increase and decrease brightness for different light conditions). Other than this keep the Brightness at 50, Color at 50, Contrast at 95 while keeping the sharpness and tint to zero. Also turn off the energy saving mode with Aspect at original

In Expert Mode

In this mode keep Dynamic Contrast Off while keep Color Gamut to Normal
Edge Enhancer is supposed to be off and even Color Filter is off and also keep white balance at White level 2

(So the overall features rating is 92/100)

Design and Appearance

Talking about design all new models come with fantastic and sleek looks, by overall design and look wise both B7 and C7 are better in appearance than the E7 that contains an extended speakers on the bottom hence overall cleaner look. It is almost as thin as the width of slim mobile phone or pencil from the side looks simply an awesome stuff here. Hence models have gorgeous designs with some high tech design as it is supposed to be.

WebOS 3.5 Smart TV Features

Well the 2017 models of LG have a new refreshed remote control that comes with some dedicated buttons for easy and quick access to Netflix and Amazon. LG also allow use of number buttons (1, 2, 3 etc.) to be programed on your choice just dedicate these buttons to your regular and favorite apps and these buttons will act as a shortcut to those apps.

The keys improvements compared to last year in WebOS 3.0 are cybersecurity assurance certification, with a much different and better zooming function allows you the user of zoom in on every corner of the picture. And the faster new system in WebOS 3.5 instantly turn on the TVs quicker than ever, with a new blue tooth chip on board (containing MediaTek), has definitely improved its speed and range. But unfortunately this new remote will not be able to work on previews WebOS models and vice versa. Moreover it looks quite interesting that it also has ability to connect our mobile devices to the TV and viewing those pictures or video content on the TV, is simply just one button away. They have added some new “hot” buttons as well for the direct connectivity to Netflix and Amazon. Another key feature that is newly added is the ‘Magic Sound Tuning’ option which uses the remote microphone for your TV’s sound optimization considering your living room environment. It is the same technology that is implemented in some receivers. So overall this interface is quite intuitive and straightforward with speedy sorting of your favorite programs and really some fast boot up time. Interestingly it also does support 360-degree videos. So simple is that if you have any DSLR or mobile device capable of recording 360-degree videos then you simply just have to connect your smartphone to this WebOS 3.5 TV and that’s it, now enjoy these videos sitting in front of the largest HDR screens. You just have to use that remote in your hand to look around in that video.

Sound Quality

Over the years we have seen focus on sound quality has been one of top priorities of LG and realizing it this is why they ended up providing us a high-tech sound bar or surround sound system that many of its other competitors haven’t been able to do so. So look at B7 and C7P models both have two 20W sound output of some impressive quality that can even suffice in smaller rooms. The E7 model also have a better sound though.

Gaming Performance

LG is also trying to make its models more fun loving which is why it is considering the gaming aspect also, and if you are keen to know about it then you have a C7 model that shows a pretty good performance with 39ms input lag when its Game mode is on. This will definitely give you a good gaming experience, however it is not that fast for gaming as the Vizio or Samsung TVs are. But LG has included a new HDR Mode especially for gaming and it looks great.

Future Proofing Considerations

Since you never know about technology it changes all the time but each time it comes with improvements. And considering about future proofs if you are spending money on OLED TV then of course you are making a smart choice because if you look at the competitors while having OLED aspects in mind LG is currently at the top providing these high end TVs with up to date technology available for TV manufacturers.

Value Rating

According to our overall reviews its value rating are around 84/100

MAP Pricing

Prices of some of these OLED models is as under:

Price tag of OLED55B7P model is approx. $3999 (but the average pricing starts nearly at $1799)

And price of this OLED55C7P is approx. $3999              (its average pricing starts around $1999)

While price tag of bigger model like OLED65B7P is approx. $5999   (though anticipated price is at $2799)

Price of OLED65C7P model is also around $5999               (its average price also sticks at $2999)

It was quite expected that might be 2017 is the year when these LG OLEDs (and Sony’s) could break the price barrier. And their major market shares were also from the worldwide sale of LCD/LED TVs. But since with these premium TVs if they are able to make price tags a bit more reasonable in 2018 then no doubt LG can still capture the major market share in 2018 or so.

Overall Rating  

Thus overall rating according to our reviews and resources stood at 94/100 that is honestly speaking quite remarkable considering its all aspects. But note this is not an official rating held by LG manufacturers. This is what we have provided in order to help you out while purchasing these models.

Quick Specs

Lastly just have a quick look at some of key Specifications:

These models contain a perfect Black Panel and (4k) resolution of about 2160p with HDR (containing Dolby Vision) along with Tru-4k up scalar and Engine, it also has 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs, digital optical output and a wireless dual band supported by standard wireless lane plus android or iPhone device control and connections. Other specs also include two speakers of 20w each, a UHD file Playback and many more.


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