How to download Videos from YouTube for free

How to download music from YouTube for free

You may wonder, the most popular ever music channels in the world are not the Radios1, iTunes or Spotify but it’s the giant YouTube. As of today every minute, a whopping three hundred hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube while major part of those videos is simply the music. However sometimes, you may not find the music format ideal especially when you are listening it on portable mobile devices, Tablets or iPods etc. Though there is no need to worry at all, as you can easily download and even can change the music formats if required.

Is downloading music from YouTube legal?

Well you can download videos from YouTube via any downloader if you are saving them into your device, however you may not be allowed to download any videos for using it to any means as it is against YouTube’s terms and conditions of service, which says an individual is only allowed to watch content if it’s taken directly from its servers to any of his/her devices like Smartphones, iPods etc. In more simple words you can say it’s a genuine copyright issue. So either the music, video you are watching should be a public domain or you are required to seek copyright holder’s permission. Moreover if you are watching different artists then it is better to be in contact with via YouTube channel. However if you don’t want to stick around or to abide these terms, then I can good thing to go for any music streaming services.

File formats and quality

Since in this tutorial we have recommended aTube Catcher which is a YouTube downloading apps that supports a wide variety of music formats. In fact everyone is very much aware of most commonly used music format is MP3 that has the capacity of working on any portable music device, smartphones and car stereos. In addition to this, the best thing about the aTube Catcher is, every time you download a music file it will be saved as MP3 format on your device. Although for many of us, it may not look like the latest technologically advanced music format rather it is somewhat widely regarded and supported one.

Like MP4 files, MP3s are also saved at different bitrates, depending upon their sound quality, file size and vice versa. Which is why aTube Catcher app offers you five different options, ranging from a top quality DVD version of 320kbps to lowest quality of 64kbps that is of course less peasant and catchy compared to highest quality one.

This is the link to download: aTube Catcher

What is Lossy compression, and when it’s good

A Lossy compression is something that is often used by MP3 format in order to adjust different file sizes, like it is possible you may get a music file having sound of a high quality CD version but just at a size of almost 1/12 of that original file.  

That sounds great, right? But we have recommended to stick around the minimum quality of 192kbps or at 256kbps. So noticeably a 128Kbps MP3 file is definitely half the size of 256Kbps which means a poorer or less impressive quality. 

Choosing the right bitrate for YouTube music

More tellingly, just like colored TV does not automatically colorize a black and white film being watched on that TV, similarly changing all the audio setting to maximum is not going to improve magically the sound quality of any video or audio file dragged from YouTube.

Since for so long it is recommended by YouTube to use a 384kbps bitrate especially for a stereo audio but even today in most cases, you may find the music on videos is no more than an ACC stream of almost 192kbps or even 128kbps also. Let’s just forget about everything and leave it for future-proofing, but the main point of discussion here is, when you are creating MP3 files of around 256kbps or ACC files then there is a very little left in going beyond 192kbps.


Now just assume for a moment, you are successful in finding your favorite artists who’s happy in letting you to download his/her music. But this is how you are going to do it.


  • Install aTube Catcher


Remember that, it’s very hard to deny the fact, when it comes to downloading any music or video from YouTube, no other app can beat aTube Catcher. Even if have installed it you don’t need to look for any other app. Moreover you need to be a bit more careful while installing this app as it may mislead you during installation like the aTube catcher will ask you either change your browser settings or install the “Teoma” app. It is required to select the either one, otherwise you cannot continue as it won’t install the app then. Therefore it’s always important to read and watch during installation, like to which terms you’re agreeing.



  • Finding the right music


When you start aTube Catcher, there are plenty of different options, you might not aware of. So the only two options that may help you to download the content, are the “Music” allows you to find songs on YouTube and “Find Videos” which helps in pasting the URL of any clip found already.

In fact the entire process of downloading that music is quite easy, all it requires is use the find videos tab and select the URL of that video from the browser then copy and paste that address in video Box. After going through all this choose the file format and quality type. This was it now you will get the downloaded original file just within seconds. You don’t to look around for other options available on the app because these two can do the entire work for you.


  • Finding the right version


Well you might have noticed, YouTube offers various versions of each video to facilitate in the best possible way to cope with different devices’ size issues like the file which may seems ideal and best for a 27 inch PC screen will definitely choke your mobile phones even with a 3G connection. For example you will be shown these choices like MP4, WebM or 3GPA. However it is better to ignore last ones’ as they the lowest quality versions for the low-end mobile phones, rather you can opt the MP4 because by sound wise it is slightly better than the other two.


  • Doing it the easy way


Since you are familiar and already know whatsoever you want to download right now without any hassle or fuss, then it is very much possible with that aTube Catcher that allows you to skip all the unnecessary faff or details and search for you the exact track you wish to download. Now all you need to do is, just press on the Music tile after the startup and then enter a certain keywords that can help you to find the track easily after that just click on the Search button, that’s it. You also have the options either listen those tracks on the app or download that track by clicking the option of “Download Selected”.


  • Say what you want


After all these above mentioned steps, if you want you can also change the location or rename the downloaded MP3 file, but the most important thing everyone should need to consider here is to set the sound quality or the bitrate of MP3. So in mean time, recommended audio quality is 256kbps or 192 kbps. But interestingly there is no point in choosing the bitrate of 320kbps when even the original file is not of that quality though. it is also superfast the MP3 file will be download within the seconds and is ready to be transferred to any other device or can be played from any music app.


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