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Google Home Max Now Available in USA


The US present new large-sized smart home speaker which are twenty present more powerful only available in US



US present with Google Home Max for only $399 at Verizon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and the Google Store, but its UK price and availability is yet to be announced.

The Google Home Max is larger and give you with twenty times the power of a regular speaker as it is more powerful smart home speaker making the music lover dream came true but its only available in US ,will we ever see this in UK


Google Home Max UK price and release date:

The google event took place on 4 October 2017,the latest addition of the smart home speaker lineup is announced by the tech giant. The new speakers with more features are now available at Google Stores and  at Verizon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy only for $399

There is no announcement on its UK price or release  date its estimated to be out in Q2 2018,with an estimated amount around £399.


Google Home Max Structure and Sound quality:

The Home Max can be used in two directions vertically and horizontally and by using both at the sane tine you can make an exact copy of a stereo sound.

The speaker has four dots at the front which lighten up to show the volume of speakers and as a result of voice inputs

The front is made attractive by covering it with a fabric that is available in two different colors that are chalk and charcoal, and at the back there is a 3.5mm jack and an in-built power connector

You’ll find two 4.5in woofers and two custom-made 0.7in tweeters inside the polycarbonate housing that make it deliver a much louder and clearer output over the regular Google Home, it provides a twenty time louder sound according to the company.

Like every other Google Home Devices you can take help from Google Assistant to do your everyday task

With the home Max google include smart sound ,a dynamic way to analyze the surrounding and adjust the volume and sound quality.

The Home Max comes with a 12-month subscription to YouTube Music, an ad-free way of streaming music that’s on YouTube. The speaker also works with paid and free Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeart and TuneIn radio.


Google Home Max Early adjudication :

At first glance, the Home Max looks like a relatively expensive offering. But given the price of rival smart home speakers, it’s actually combative priced. With Google Assistant also built-in and streaming services a voice command away, it’s the only device for you if you are serious about sound and music but to get this you need to be in UK and need to wait for it to hit UK stores to buy Google Home Max.


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